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A career guide designed to help job seekers discover and capitalize on their particular strengths and interests.

Looking for Valuable Direction

in the Job

Search Process?

Getting the Right Job, sixth edition, provides direction in career choices when looking for a job. Our workbook is a valuable assessment tool for job seekers. With the inclusion of the Birkman Method assessment, Getting the Right Job helps those looking to strengthen their skills for the job process gain more knowledge about themselves in preparation for their future profession.

How Getting the Right Job can help  job seekers:

  • Provides a step-by-step strategy for assessing the job market and landing the dream job.

  • Dive deeper into career interests with the Birkman Assessment.

  • Provides guidance for online and social media presence during the job search.

  • Guidance on how to prepare for an interview.

  • Customized interview prep method designed to directly correlate the job seekers experience with the job itself.

How Getting the Right Job can help Educators:

  • Provides a workbook usable in classroom or one-on-one settings.

  • Cost includes the Birkman Method questionnaire and career focused assessments for each individual.

  • Provides guidance for online and social media presence during the job search.

  • Help ease the employment process for students.


The Birkman Assessment

Used by Columbia University, Pepperdine and Harvard University

• Included with Getting the Right Job

• Proven analytical tools for student self-assessment in the workplace

• Questionnaire for insight on yourself, your relationships, strengths and weaknesses and future professions

• Developed by Roger Birkman, an organizational psychologist 

Birkman Assessment


Senior,  University of South Carolina

Overall, I think the Birkman Reflection is an essential tool for students because it allows students to learn more about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses which will help set them up for success in their respective work careers and beyond.


Junior,  University of South Carolina

Overall, I truly believe the results from the Birkman Assessment will help me tremendously when looking for a job in the near future. The Birman report has been an amazing tool to help me truly find what job or internship I'm looking for, and what kind of person I am in the work place.



Try a free sample of our workbook and take a look at the table of contents to get an idea of how Getting the Right Job can help you as a job seeker or an educator!  Or are you already convinced? Buy now!

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Dive deeper into Getting the Right Job by checking out this introduction to our guide for success!

About 2

About The Authors


Frank M. Munson

Frank has been the lead co-author of Getting the Right Job: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Career. He sold almost 5,000 of his two self-published business books and conducted dozens of workshops nationwide on Continuing Improvement in Job Performance.


Jane Willis-Mayer

During her extensive career in higher education, Jane Mayer has worked at three different institutions of higher learning, both public and private, as well as two-year and University-level.She utilizes certifications in both the Birkman Method and the Harrison Assessment to deliver self-awareness tools, providing insight into work styles, behavior preference, career interests and motivational needs. 

John H. Stern

Although it has been three years since the passing of our dear friend, John Stern, he is still missed in a profound way, and the contributions he made to this book are still greatly appreciated. His wisdom, intense understanding of the hiring process, and passion for students are still woven into the fabric of this project. John, you were a great man!

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